Is my gym day. While waiting time to be closer to 2 o'clock, I post pictures of commando suit for thermos bottle. I had Bonny's cardigan ready last night watching Linnan Juhlat (Independence Day celebration in President's castle) but I couldn't get decent pictures of it. I'll try later when I get it blocked.


This is it, And these are close to the real colors. That's for my dad, together with that deer hunting hat and socks (those aren't ready yet).



And this is how it looks when it's on thermos bottle.It became a bit too tight I think but this time I won't knit it again. I'll make new one if it doesn't fit.


Close-up that you see how it stretches. I know these aren't anyone's favourite colours but I think they look like deer hunting. With hat like that and holding that kind of bottle my dad won't definitely get shot. Even deer don't dress that bad.