I started making christmas gifts instead of knitting just for myself.
"Yay!", my friends are screaming.
The most important gift of all is on the needles right now: most fashionable knitted gardigan for my lovely friends' lovely but hooligan doggie... I mean this Miss Piggy:

Oh what an adorable Gremlin she is. She will be the star of the catwalks. (should I say catwalk when she's a dog? Dogwalk doesn't sound too clever either, though.)
All of the christmas gifts are planned but those others won't be shown on these pages before christmas eve. I'll trust Bonny (it's her right above there) that she won't read this site. She is young enough to believe Santa Claus and the elves, but is still very naughty. Naughty, very naughty indeed. These bite marks on my toe just doesn't feel very nice.