I put some better pictures of stuff, including dad's christmas gift (or part of it) in november folder and stripy hat in can't remember when-folder. I'm soon trying to update all of them but this crappy lighting in our house makes picture-taking almost impossible, everything looks different-coloured than it really is and I'm at home only when it's dark outside. School. Oh yeah.


Little saturday-night fun. Kisu is so used to all my weird doodling he didn't try to help me with that. And today I brought some cat books from library to see if we could make room and tolerance for another one. These books make me a bit sad when they are saying that cats are most happy when they are alone and they don't need or want company... I know this is selfish, but I do! And I've seen so many cats getting along with a little time so I'm ready to give it a try.