So I updated my blog and arranged my pictures by month. I'm sorry that some of the pictures look crappy, I didn't have the patience to switch that camera on again and take new ones. They looked good on that small screen but... Well, let's see if I update the updates and change the pictures to better ones some day (propably not).

And I know. Some of the pictures I promised to my loyal reader (yes, I have only one of them) in my old blog aren't here either. My bad. Patience, my love, you'll get them. I promise. I just need that guy who is sweet and lives in our house to take pictures. Those really need modelling. I'm thinking of hiring a model after looking at myself in those clothes all night.

Anyways, I keep on going. Making christmas gifts and this one just for me.


That will go together with those mittens in October folder. (Made from 7 Veljestä, pattern is called mosaic)