Haven't done anything but school stuff and looking around for another cat lately, but today I got myself going and returned to knitting. Talking about another cat, I might be idiot but I would love another meow-and-purr in the house destroying my knittings and plants. Last night doggy (from few writings down) visited us and it could have been catastrophy because of our scaredy-cat but it was't. No, I'm not talking about bestest friends, and not even tolerating each other but no-one lost any eyes or other body parts so it went quite well. Same thing will happen for a couple of days (or weeks) with another cat in our house, so it seems I'm stupid maniac even wanting that when Kisu is already happy just with us human friends and his Tigger one.


Back to knitting. I realised how close christmas is and got working on presents. I first thought I would give only non-material gifts but then I saw my stash and thought of giving it a try. Now I have one hat done for my dad and socks for a friend (those are already in use). Dog tried that gardigan on and it seems that she has gotten so much bigger i need to knit it again. Also I realized I need to make my cousin's presents now since I'm going to visit her soon. Seems like I will be busy with more and more things.

School should come first, but it doesn't.